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SEPT 22, 2018


  • Coeur D’Fondo is a spirited ride not a race.
  • Please observe Idaho State Rules for operating a bicycle.
    • Obey all traffic lights, signs, and flaggers. 
  • No sprinting
  • Use of aerobars is not permitted from mile 0 – mile 17 of Gran, Medio, and Piccolo courses
    • Drafting while using aerobars is not permitted at any time on any course.
  • Leave a cushion between you and other riders especially while riding for the first several miles.
  • Be Predictable. Don’t make sudden stops or swerves.
    • If you have to slow or stop let riders behind you know by yelling: “Stopping!”
    • Point with a fully extend arm in the direction you are turning
  • Pass on the left. Announce: “On your LEFT!”
  • Slower riders stay to the right side of the road. 
  • No personal support vehicles on courses during Coeur d’Fondo.
  • Go to the starting area designated for the course you are riding beginning at 2nd Street and Sherman Ave. Faster riders to the front of each group. Slower riders toward the back.
    • Gran Fondo (108 miles) = Red
    • Medio (84 miles) = Gold
    • Centro (47 miles) = Purple *Boards cruise boat at Independence Pt. by 7:30 am
    • Piccolo (37 miles) = Blue
    • Family (15 miles) = Green